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Social Media Consultant and Digital Content Creator

Currently, I am a Social Media Consultant and Digital Content Creator. I work with lifestyle brands and small businesses to grow their social media presence on Instagram. Apart from creating daily content for brands, I also design Media Kits, Brand Kits, Websites and handle PR-related issues. My clients include Nenda.Sg, Makeup by Syaz and Izyanbakes.

I also enjoy writing travel and lifestyle articles, drawing inspiration from my past adventures across the globe and daily experiences.

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HalalZilla’s Travelogue

Travelogue is a monthly article series where I interview Muslim travelers of all walks of life who share their wanderlust experiences and travel insights.

FoodBox.People (2014-2015)

FoodBox.People was a halal bento delivery service that delivered delectable Asian and Western dishes to your doorstep. Besides aiding in the daily operations, I also managed its Instagram and Facebook platforms.


I was an Associate Editor and Content Manager for HalalZilla, an online Muslim travel and lifestyle magazine. Besides writing and editing articles, I also specialize in content curation, social media branding and public relations. I have worked with various local and national organizations such as Cebu Pacific, Singapore Tourism Board and Macao Tourism Board.

How to Halal

How to Halal is a limited Facebook video series that I created, produced and filmed on behalf of HalalZilla. Hosts Sofia and Farhan would showcased varying Muslim lifestyle topics such as halal nail polish to spotlight various unique eateries in Singapore.

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RentCars.Sg/RC9 (2015)

I was a freelance lifestyle content writer for RentCars.Sg, a Singapore-based car rental company.