Fri-yay or Nay

Another week just ended. Sadly, I am absolutely jaded with school especially since I haven’t gotten a proper holiday. I am totally in need of one. Anyways, met up with Michelle today and we wanted to go to a cafe. Sadly, I got the opening time wrong so I headed to Shop Wonderland (again!). No complaints since I absolutely love their shop. I started my morning with some tea and quiche. I would give it a meh for the quiche and you can never go wrong with tea. Chamomile Garden was fragrant and flowery. It was a nice start to Friday. Breakfast and girl talk with Michelle.

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Well, I ordered lunch with FoodPanda being a total newbie and all. Mum won’t be able to cook for a month due to her eye surgery. And the food totally sucked. I was so bummed cause I was so hungry. Basically, I gave the leftovers to my sister.

So I gave up and made some weetbix with bananas and strawberries for dinner and turned on some Maze Runner which turned out surprisingly not bad. I would say its trailer didn’t do the movie any justice. The movie was rather intriguing because like you were trying to piece each information together to find out. But I wish there was a bit more substance to the story rather than just trying to escape. I get the bigger picture they are trying to paint but don’t think it was enough to wow me. Looking forward to catch the sequel which seems to be a tad bit more interesting.


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