All You Can Eat Weekend in KL

I spent my last weekend in Kuala Lumpur for a quick getaway before the start of summer. My cousins and I rented a car (with a superb a/c I must add) and drove 4 hours all the way to the heart of Malaysia. The best part of Kuala Lumpur is the fact that it is never short of Halal food. It was an interesting experience especially traveling with a completely different group of people.

Photo 21-5-16, 06 48 13.jpg

Our drive started at 5AM. We crossed the causeway within an hour and drove to my grandparents’ place for our Fajr prayers. After grabbing some light refreshments and snacks, we drove an hour out to Machap rest stop for a quick breakfast. A rather small rest stop I have to say because there was not much food available. I settled on a small meal in hopes of saving the rest of my appetite for some real food later.

Photo 21-5-16, 09 03 18.jpg

After the quick breakfast, we rendezvous back to the car for a 3-hour drive. I was barely awake most of the time but I think my 1-hour sleep from the night before shot my body into overdrive because I spent the next 3 hours singing my heart out to my iPod playlist. It was like I was having my own concert in the car. Boy, do 3 hours past by really quickly because before I knew it, I was already in the lovely state of Kuala Lumpur. To fully utilize our limited time in KL, we headed to Publika to have our first round of meals. The thing I love about Publika is the fact that they have too many options of food especially my favorite Wondermilk. After having their Salted Egg Eclair Cupcakes a few months back, I was determined to have everyone else hooked onto it. We also had the Boat Noodles and Gyu Kaku (which was rather disappointing even after a second chance). I cleaned out my bowls of noodles quickly and swiftly.

Photo 21-5-16, 12 39 21.jpg

We decided to take a break from the food feast and checked-in to the amazingly huge hotel. Sadly, I don’t have photos of the place but it’s a 3 bedroom apartment at PNB Darby Suites. I stayed there previously and have never been disappointed with the apartment rooms. Definitely more worth it than staying at the Corus Hotel from my previous visit in March. After an hour or two of rest and refreshing, we headed out again for more food and this time at the Pavilion shopping center because I have been dying to try Kyochon Chicken since my friends I met in Seoul earlier this year recommended to me. And of course, only in Malaysia that it is Halal so extra yay. We had dessert after at The Loaf which basically had pastries and bread that was covered in diabetes.

We saved the rest of our stomach space for always-must-have Ben’s. (I didn’t want to kill myself with a night spent in the toilet.) So I opted for the comfort food of Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese. No disappointments there! Another dish that I love at Ben’s is the Soft Shell Crab pasta which I got my cousin to order so I can have a bite. I love Ben’s cozy and warm design with their cute conversation cards.

Photo 21-5-16, 22 29 36.jpg
Kyochon Chicken
Photo 21-5-16, 20 54 18


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