22 years

The clock has hit midnight and I have officially lived for 22 years. Boy does time pass really quickly. To have lived for slightly more than 2 decades. Somehow I always feel like I haven’t accomplished much in my 22 years. This is supposed to drive me further but I have lost this drive in me recently. I am not much of a birthday celebrator, especially with friends or family. I have had my fair share of disappointments with birthdays over the years that it has me not expecting anything at all with people around me. I do appreciate whatever I have had over the years (don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful).

Disappointments have taught me that it has nothing to do with people around me that I love. It is rather a problem I have with having too high of expectations of those people. Who am I really to have such expectations of them. Nobody is perfect. Even me. Trust me, it is something I am trying my best to work on. I have to say I am a work in progress. I hope that with another year that I get to live that I work to be a better human to the people around me and to society. As Casey Neistat says “do something that you can do to shift that needle just a little towards good”. I try my very best to spend less time in drama and move on with my life to achieve those goals I have placed for myself.

No arrogance. God has taught me to work hard and remain humble. There is no need to prove to my critics of my abilities but rather to prove to myself that I could be that person I envisioned for myself. How important it is to think of yourself but in moderation.

From my hospitalization last year, I learned a valuable lesson on health and how you can have and do anything in the world but if you don’t have health, you are nothing. I am very thankful to be healthy and living now. Alhamdulillah and syukran to the Almighty for all His blessings and gifts.

I am currently on a movie marathon as I type this out. Watching all my favorite movies which are mostly Christopher Nolan movies (he is truly a genius and an artist) So this year, I don’t feel much for my birthday. Like I say, “it’s just another Friday”. Happy May 27th.


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