Arigato Mr Roboto

I had dinner at this relatively new Japanese place at Bussorah Street. Haráru Izakaya definitely live up to the Japanese theme because their interior was really nice. I have to say it even smelled like Japan (yes, Japan has a certain smell.) Maybe it was the smell of the food. I don’t know but it felt authentically Japanese.

We sat at the bar which is very weird for me for two reasons. One, I am a very short person (only standing at 158cm) which meant I had some trouble getting up the stool. Two, I am a person who loves conversation especially during dinner (because it adds to the experience) but the bar setting made it difficult to converse with 2 other people without the middle person feeling awkward. Also, the music was kinda loud at the bar table so it was me struggling to hear what my cousins were saying half the time.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Despite my height and hearing issues, I had a great experience. The highlight was definitely the service which I really hope they maintain. The people were so nice and attentive. They were polite and ensured that we were having a good time. It’s kind of sad that I am surprised that people are polite hahaha but I could really tell that they were genuine about their service. They weren’t pretentious like most new eateries. The food was also really good quality. I cringed a little at the price but I know it is normal for Japanese cuisine because they pride in the quality of their ingredients. I have to say their salmon was perfectly cooked and the beef udon was just da Bomb Diggity. Soba was a little disappointing but it was still better than what other eateries have to offer.

Overall, I had a great time but I can’t say the same for my wallet hahaha.


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