Potato Gnocchi with Red Pepper Sauce

I started my day very grumpily as I checked my text messages as I woke up. As usual, I get frustrated with how my birthday gets celebrated. I am not a big birthday person due to numerous disappointments over the years. I learned to just keep it quiet and just to celebrate among my family. But this year, it seems impossible because of the certain parent (who rather make others happy). So, it's okay I'll settle for disappointment number 23. (Call me a brat if you want but you have no idea what it's like being me.)

I was having all these negative energies on a Monday. Thus, I decided to channel all that negativity to positivity and started cooking. I always love cooking. I approach it by 2 ways: following a recipe of my choice or going by the feel of my craving. Either way, food has turned out good 80 per cent of the time. From experience, food tastes best the first or second time it is made. The first time because you think you screw it up but it turns out surprisingly good. The second time is good if you screw up the first time and then the second time is the charm. I do not like making dishes repeatedly because it loses flavor with each time it’s being made. That is just my opinion.

I decided to cook something with capsicum sauce because my sister made for me once and I was just craving it in the spur of the moment. The capsicum sauce I had before was a condiment for chicken but I decided to make it into a pasta sauce and decided to pair it with gnocchi which I love too much.

I had to make the sauce and gnocchi from scratch so it was an hour or so marathon of going back and forth from the sauce to gnocchi. Honestly, I am no MasterChef and this was easy to do. My capsicum sauce was a mash recipe which means that I incorporated varying parts from different recipes. It is basically a mix and match of recipes. I made gnocchi before so it was just working from memory. I added some chicken as topping instead of mixing in with the sauce because it would just be less soggy and more fresh with taste.

I am happy with the result. My first time making the sauce but I think it deserves a second try. It is okay but not yet, fantastic. I am determined to make it better. I made a little extra for my sister. I am going over to her place for the night so I thought it would be nice to make a little something for her. I hope she likes it.


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