Ramadan Realizations: Gratefulness

A lot of times in religion, we always have to be grateful to our Creator for our lives and everything in it. But like most people, I only realize how grateful I am when I am happy. In fact, in should be the other way. I am grateful and therefore, I am happy. To be grateful also is beyond just for the fact that I am given all these things in my life. It is also the opportunity to have the ability to have experienced the good and bad in our lives. I believe that Allah swt makes us practice gratefulness because when we think we are grateful, we think that we have enough. Thus, anything more will be shared with community and society. When we are grateful, we enjoy the differences of others with ourselves and we won’t be so judgemental and respect everyone for their choices. To me, being grateful is something that seems so simple but actually has so much impact on not just our individual lives but also to the masses.

What a different world we would live in if everyone is just grateful.

My glass is always half full even when it is empty.


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