Kids’ First Trip to Singapore’s River Safari

My father has 1 free Saturday each month and we usually try to fully make use of it as a family. It allows him to spend as much time as he can with his beloved grandkids and *ahem* children. He and my mother usually have to go to Johor on Sundays to run errands for my grandmother so his Saturdays off are really precious. Plus, it being a long Christmas weekend so it was so much family quality time that I had to tap out by Monday.

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Anyways, back to the main point of this post, we decided to spend a precious Saturday afternoon at the River Safari. *cue band music* Yes, it was my first visit there. It was rather small than the zoo. But it was nice to see the pandas which were the highlight of the whole place. No, I didn’t choose it because the panda exhibit was the only animal exhibit in full air conditioning on a crazy sunny and rainy day. It was also because the pandas were super adorable and we happen to be there during their feeding time.

Honestly, the only other exciting thing was the boat ride which ended with a sudden downpour and a bruise on my face from a tourist trying to pull down the window shield. Yeah so not so great but it was very nice and calming. The other exhibits weren’t so interesting to me. Honestly, I prefer the zoo or the night safari. But I also have to say I wasn’t paying much attention to the exhibits because I was busy caring for the kids.

Of course, the place doesn’t really matter because I was just happy to spend some family time especially since everyone was on holiday the past 2-3 weeks. It was fun watching them use the cameras I made them. I was genuinely so surprised at how they knew how to use the cameras without being taught and they were so enthusiastic about taking photos.


PS: The worst part post-River Safari is that everyone fell sick. I bet there was nothing to do with River Safari but just a nasty bug going around. It started with Hanna and went to everyone else except for me and my eldest sister.

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