A Quiet Place: The Parents’ Love

(Spoiler Alert)

First and foremost, this is the most I have ever cried in a supposed horror/thriller film. I am not one to watch horror films but when I saw the film’s premise in the trailer and the concept of a silent thriller film with Emily Blunt giving birth “silently”, I couldn’t resist watching it! You know how most people who said that if you want to make horror movies less scary, you should cover your ears because the sound is what makes it scary. Those people are terrible when it comes to this film. The silence is what makes it scary to the point I realized I was covering my mouth to not make a sound in the cinema.


The main element of the film is clearly the silence. Characters in the movie are not to make any noise so as to avoid the attention of these aliens that have somehow invaded earth. While the movie barely has any dialogue, the acting of all the characters and storyline really speaks volumes. The characters (who I realized I never find out their names or more like too afraid to realize their names) all use sign language which they had learned as their daughter is deaf. How hard is it to parent when you can’t raise your voice when your children can listen to simple instructions?! Forget trying to keep a newborn silent as an alien with super hearing is like 1 feet from you.

Also, all the actors from Blunt, Krasinski to the children were incredible actors to not only be able to act with so much emotion and so little sound. I think it takes great skill to be able to convey feelings with just your face and body language. In my opinion, to make me care so much about a family for an hour or so with almost not saying anything is remarkable.

You also realize that so many of our daily tasks produce sound. From walking to playing board games, the family tries to make as little noise as they need to. John Krasinski’s character lays sand on their pathways so as to reduce noise. The family uses lights as warning systems. They even built a soundproof basement and crib with an oxygen mask for when their newborn arrives. The amount of adjustment the family has to go for their own survival. It is admirable considering others like the old man who committed suicide by screaming just could not live in fear and frustration.

Everyone including the viewers was trying to stay as silent as possible. It was the most hilarious thing I observed while watching the film. I saw people putting away their snacks as the movie started. The lady, who sat in front of me was happily eating her nachos during the trailers, completely abandoned them when the film began. I could only hear the sound of the air conditioning during the movie.

No Love Like Your Parents’ Love

Most movies which feature aliens who invade earth, it seems like all has come to an end and somehow the hero saves the day by figuring out their weakness. This movie is not entirely like that. The main plot revolving around this movie is surprising the love of family and particularly the love of parents. The strength and courage parents have to love their children even in the toughest of times. (This is why I cried so much.) When you watch interviews of John Krasinski promoting this film, he mentions how his directorial debut film is a love letter to his daughters. It must be awesome to have him as a dad.

A parents’ love is truly a force in this film. Krasinski’s character goes to great lengths to create a hearing aid for his deaf daughter despite multiple failures and the frustration of his daughter with those failures. To still fight for his children despite the loss of his youngest son. He really thinks and adjusts their lives to adapt their life for survival which ultimately led to his death doing what he does best, loving his children. The part when he said he loves his daughter in sign language right before screaming to his death, that is true love.

Also, no one can forget Emily Blunt giving birth in a bathtub while the alien creature was roaming the house. I mean come on, pushing a baby out of your vajayjay is painful enough and she had to be silent about it. (Thank god for those fireworks. Am I right?) The fact that she chose to have her baby despite knowing the dangers of having a crying baby would bring. To put yourself at risk for a child that hasn’t been born speaks volumes of her character as a mother. If that isn’t a true sign of a mothers’ love, I don’t know what is.


I do have to say thatthe film tries to cover all loopholes or any curiosity as much as they can. They explain what sounds attract the aliens. Nature sounds like the flowing river or waterfall doesn’t bring any danger. So the characters are able to speak if they are near objects or elements that are much louder. Also, they eventually find out what weakens the aliens’ ability which is high frequency. I assume the aliens don’t use sound to hunt for food but more of they sensitive to sound so they destroy what is noisy as seen from it killing noisy raccoons to the television making white noises. I guess these aliens will destroy cities rather quickly.

I also like how the main storyline wasn’t about finding the weakness of the aliens or trying to kill them. I found the plot more realistic than most horror/thriller films. I mean they did find out their weakness and it helped them save the family because the baby was crying all the time. The open-ended ending did leave me a little meh but it didn’t really bother me like that stupid nail on the staircase.

Overall, as a scaredy cat who avoids horror films, A Quiet Place isn’t as scary. I have to say honestly it is more of a thriller than ghost horror. It was definitely an enjoying film that people should watch. I felt like it was the first time I watched a thriller/horror film that was not mindless and had a real story behind it.

A note to John Krasinski: GET SOMEONE TO REMOVE THAT NAIL FROM THE STAIRCASE! Oh my god that stupid nail on the stairs to the basement! I was so worried about the rest of the film and mentally readying myself for anyone else to step on it. Krasinski, why didn’t you do anything about that? I couldn’t stop thinking about it!

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