Ramadan in Kuala Lumpur: Modvier, Pasar Seloka Raya and More

Last month, I made a short trip across the causeway (yet again) to Kuala Lumpur. My sister was having her school holidays and she wanted a short getaway with her daughter and husband. She was kind enough to invite me to tag along. This was my first time traveling during the fasting month. Though it wasn’t somewhere far, I was kind of “meh” because my KL trips are usually filled with loads of meals. But we had to settle for one meal a day due to Ramadan. It was interesting how things panned out.

These were the highlights of my trip.

H&M Home

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Gold Watering Can RM 99.90 (not on sale)

This is no shocker to anyone who knows me. I love my home stuff! I mostly spend my money here because they were having MAJOR clearance sales. I bought cushion covers that were going for 10 RINGGIT! I felt like I hit the motherload. Everything was very nice and very cheap. I swear if I had driven to KL, I would have bought more things. I really wanted a nice vase which was going for RM 30 but it was too risky to carry anything fragile home with me. I was already nervous about my glass soap dispenser. All in all, I was pretty much happy with my loot!

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Cushion covers RM 10 (usual RM 29.90),                      Duvet Set RM 119 (usual RM 299)
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Hand Soap Dispenser RM 20 (usual RM 49.90)

Pince & Pints

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The Lobster Roll RM 168 ++

The lobster roll is hands down my food MVP of the trip. Though I haven’t had the true Maine lobster roll, I do hope this is close because it was heavenly. It was a simple but filling meal for me. I ordered the regular lobster roll while my sister had the truffle one. Holy moly the amount of butter consumed is worth it. To me, the best part was the brioche bun. A crucial but often overlooked component of the roll. The butter sauce was good as it wasn’t too salty. The fries and salad really filled me up at the end. The service was the cherry on top because they were friendly and attentive (maybe because we were the only ones there). Everyone was kind and ensured that we were well taken care of.

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Opens at 6 PM

This restaurant was the only place I went that was not my usual favorites. It was nicely located in the Bangsar area. They have a branch in Singapore too. It is a little bit pricey but pretty normal for lobsters. We were afraid that due to Ramadan, it would very crowded during dinner time so we decided to make reservations. We ended up being one of two groups of people there! (HAHA) This caused to throw caution to the wind for dinner the next day which was a total mistake because everywhere was fully booked. Just our luck.

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This was a sort of belated anniversary dinner for my sister and her husband.

Address: 32, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Modvier is a smaller scale version of the popularised Fashion Valet. The building is a 10-minute walk from Bangsar Village II. Though you can drive to Modvier, the parking spaces are very limited. You can spend hours exploring the 3 levels filled with clothes and scarves. They have labels ranging from lower to upper so you don’t necessarily need to break your bank for a decent outfit. Modvier houses brands similar to Fashion Valet and a little more on the cheaper side. I went there to check out Fleur scarves (which is only available for WhatsApp order and I am not so keen on that). Though they might not be the most organized, it was a rewarding shopping experience with the friendlier (not necessarily helpful) staff. I just love how unpretentious the whole place felt. And it felt like I have more options besides the normally popular brands.

There is a sofa area for spouses and children uninterested in shopping. If you don’t have someone to look after your kid sleeping in the stroller situation, it’ll be hard for you because there are only stairs in the building. (This was a problem we faced with a sleeping Hanna and us carrying the stroller up the stairs.)

But if you’re looking for convenience, FashionValet would be more suited for you because they are located in shopping malls that are easily accessible but not as friendly staff.

Pasar Seloka Raya @ Publika

They had two venues which I visited, Publika and AvenueK. I preferred the Publika venue because of not only of the atmosphere of Hari Raya but also it felt like there were more vendors. There was a huge range of stalls that sold everything from various styles of baju kurung for women, men and children to even food and shoes. Basically, there was something for everyone. As a loyal follower of the owner of Wondermilk, I was as always impressed with what she put together. It is a definite must go if you’re in KL for the month of Ramadan.

(sadly no photos because I was wrangling a stroller and shopping bags)

It was a nice short getaway. The Eid shopping was the ultimate highlight because there were just so many more options available in affordable price ranges than in Singapore. Though traffic was a nightmare in the city area especially in Bangsar. I would recommend avoiding Grab when traffic is crazy because the drivers take very long to reach you. Grab was much cheaper than a taxi but sometimes the waiting times are just too long especially with a toddler.

Till next time KL.


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