35 years of

Today, my parents celebrate 35 years of being married. I’m still amazed at how they managed to stay together through all the shitstorms and turbulences. I mean for anyone to be married for that long. I could only dream.

I respect their marriage and everything they do to be together. I won’t say it’s all about love. Because love is just an emotion that comes and goes. Love does not last 35 years. Love doesn’t even last 35 days. I always believe that my parents’ marriage was born out of a bigger purpose. Yes, I’m sure that they love each other and care deeply for each other. But I believe that their marriage is a testament to them as beings who value persistence and responsibility. Their ability to compromise their egos and the patience they have for each other and for their family may be what helped them through the years. I think that their marriage speaks more about what great humans and servants of God they are than love. I respect their bond and the family they grew out of this bond.

After 35 years, 3 children, 3 graduations, a retrenchment, 2 financial crises, 2 weddings, and 3 beautiful grandkids, I think congratulations are in order.

Happy Anniversary Mama and Papa!


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