I Was Made for Loving You

So today/yesterday was my mum’s birthday. Yay for her! She is truly an amazing woman with an interesting life story that should be made into a book or movie. But that story for another time. I think she is amazing enough that I don’t have to tell her appreciation story. However, I want to share something I observed today.

Just like me, my mum is not big on having attention on her. She doesn’t know how to react to compliments nor any kind of flattering attention on her. The true challenge came tonight during her birthday dinner and they made a speech and got the staff to sing her a birthday song.

I could feel her embarrassment. If I were her, I would have made a run. But she is brave. She was gracious and smiled. As I watched my very bashful mother, I realized that my father had put his arm around her. My parents are not affectionate people. (Geez where did I get that from) So, the entire time he had his arm around her. He was literally supporting her. My father also a shy person was supporting my mother as a group of strangers sang a birthday song for her. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is. To me, his little gesture of just putting his arm around her spoke a lot about their relationship. It speaks about how he knows how to comfort her in a time of imperceptible need. He knew her so well that when the time came to give her a little bit of comfort, he came through for her.

That is what I want. I used to have a list of physical and materialistic qualities for my future partner (if God wills it). That list still stands but I also would appreciate a person who understands my emotional needs. To know when to give me a little support when I need it. Even if it’s just a hand on my back. Sometimes it’s the little things that comforts you.

Other than that, happiest of birthdays to my one and only mother. I am not me without you.


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