Dear Mama

Happy Mothers’ Day. How I wish any gift I give you is enough to repay all you’ve done for me. You are the most selfless person I’ve met. And I could only wish I could do right by you.

I don’t have the easiest of relationships with my mum. We fight and we hurt each other. We have differing life views and opinions. As much I would love to, she isn’t my best friend. I don’t go running to her about my life issues or what boys I fancy. I respect her as a mother but I need a mother and not a friend.

She is the best mother I could ask for. She calls me out on my bullshit and pitfalls as a person. She tells it as it is. But she is also the most supportive person. As a person who works in a non-traditional industry and basically a job I can’t explain in one life, she accepts my path and respects what I do. Sadly, it took me a while to realize.

She has never stood in my way. She always allows me to find my own path, on my own terms. She never imposes what she feels is right for me despite being a mother of an older generation. She has always had my back regardless of my failures and downfalls. I don’t go running to her and crying on her lap. But she lets me know that she always have my back. Being this weird person that I am, I’m extremely grateful to have a mother like her.

I hope and pray to God that I can do right by her in this lifetime or in the Hereafter. That’s the least she deserves.

Thank you mama. I will always love you.


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