The End of the Beginnings

I procrastinated writing this. I really wanted to have my “final” reflection of my journey in HZ. First of all, I just got myself a new Macbook charger yesterday. This is my first time switching on my laptop since leaving my job. I wanted a minor tech cleanse. When I was working, I would be on my laptop and phone 24/7. So, I wanted time to just be in this social media and internet free bubble. And now, I feel like I’m fully ready to close this chapter. 

When my family and friends heard that I left, their first instinct is “do you have a new job”. The answer is no. Fret not, I am a million times more terrified/anxious/scared out of my mind than you. So, please reserve your judgment because I don’t need it. Thank you. I left because of a million and one reasons. It took me months to come to my decision. I’ve prayed and talked to every person I trust about it. And honestly, it was time for me to leave. From a moral standpoint and for my personal mental health, I had to get myself out of that toxic environment.

Me, editing articles during my flight #workaholic101

Nevertheless, I loved my job. Like an unhealthy amount. I love working (something I found out when I started working). This job was not just 9-6. It was my whole life. The drive and passion to build something were a rush and feeling like no other. And to have my family and friends embrace it, and support it and I was the best form of support and love I could ask for. HZ brought me back to life. I rediscovered myself and what I enjoy doing. Sadly, I knew this phase of my life had to end. Dubrovnik Croatia

To new beginnings

The world is scary and uncertain. I don’t know what is to come. I think I lucked out on having a really great first job. But it’s time for a new beginning. I’m scared and excited but I can only hope for the best. Pray for me!


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