The Morning Show: Me Too But Not Really

Just this week, I’ve finally used my one-year free subscription to Apple TV+ to watch The Morning Show. The Morning Show is probably the most (and only known) successful show produced by AppleTV+. The series plays into the “Me Too” movement of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior in the workplace. While there are plenty of other films and shows depicting the downfall of rich powerful men like Harvey Weinstein, The Morning Show does attempt to show the lack of remorse and responsibility such men have despite committing heinous crimes of their own doing. 

The victim’s advocate?

The main plot of the show is relatively straight forward with no major twists or surprises (besides Gugu’s character development and her tragic demise). I felt that there wasn’t much plot development during its 10 episodes besides the workplace politics that goes back and forth. I haven’t watched much of the other similar films or tv shows like Bombshell. 

But the only thing that really touched my heart was the trauma that victims go through in the aftermath. I really felt for Hannah. However, I felt that they should have given her character a bit more light instead of the last 3 hours of the series. There was room to really show the opposing sides of the Me Too movement with Mitch and Hannah. I was waiting for it but it never really came. 

The stars were the stars of the show

The standout of the entire series has to be the caliber of the actors. I honestly never watched a show that really showed the real talent of the majority of its cast. Steve Carrell’s Matt Lauer-esque character might be the first time I’ve hated a Steve Carrell character. His role as Mitch Kassler gave a sort of unique insight into the mind of predators who genuinely think they are innocent. (Seriously, playing victim the whole 10 episodes made that last episode punch very well deserved. Good job, Charlie Chip Black!)

Of course, everyone knows about Jennifer Anniston who really showed her acting chops, a great departure from her girl next door persona. The scene that probably earned her her SAG award was when Alex Levy told her daughter off. I’m not a mother but I felt that. It was truly a beautiful scene that all mothers I’m sure can relate to. I did wish that there was more dynamic action between Reese and her because their characters were supposed to be opposites. 

Give Billy Crudup an award

But to me, the real standout of The Morning Show is Billy Crudup’s Cory Ellison. 

While his acting was stellar and almost flawless, the development of his character was definitely the best. At the start, you can’t help but think of him as a wildcard. By the end of it, you see him rise to the maverick that he is especially in the moment he calls Mitch out to confess for his sins. He was probably the only character who deliberately called him a predator. 

Throughout the season, he keeps you guessing about how you feel about his character. Is he the snarky-yet-good person? Or is he just in it for himself? You really never know. His balance of both charm and don’t-mess-with me grit was so entertaining that it really kept me going during the duller parts of the series. 

I don’t know if season 2 is in the works. But they kept enough holes or open-ended questions for a follow-up season. I mean seriously the whole Marcia Gay Harden and the New York Times expose was such a tease that never really became anything. The subplots of the series were mediocre. The whole Claire and Yanko thing might’ve been an okay subplot that again just fell flat on its face. Let’s just hope that Reese can keep up with her brunette hair persona for the next season. 

PS: I couldn’t find a photo that was not copyright infringed so I went to Canva and created that image for the featured image. Haha Don’t why I’m telling you but there it is.

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