Into Obscurity

I forgot what it’s like to be happy
I forgot what it’s like to be alive
I forgot what it’s like to wake up and want to change the world
The past me has now become a distant stranger

I don’t hate you
I don’t dislike you
I just can’t be your friend
I can’t be your cousin
I can’t be your sister
I can’t be your daughter
Because I don’t even know who I am

I’ve lost myself in a world of takers
People take a lot from you
With every word and sound
And I let them take from me
Every ounce of happiness
Every good that was in me
And all they left me was with sadness and anger
So much of it that I’ve fallen off the face of this earth
Not wanting to return

With every missed text, call, invite
Comes with great sadness and disappointment
How could I face you when I could not even face myself

I don’t have the strength in me
It’s not pride
It’s been a while since I could afford my pride
It’s shame
Shame because I can’t stand in front of everyone
Broken and bare
With more questions and insults

I can’t do it
Don’t make me do it
Just let me float away into obscurity
Till it’s my turn to meet Him

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