plays in my mind
Over and over again
Like a broken record

I replay all the moments
From the beginning
To where we are
Because there’s no end really

There’s no such thing as closure
There’s bottling up of emotions
There’s sweeping under the rug of pain
There’s pretending, boy is there so much pretending
But there’s no end to this pain

You were a friend
I trusted so few
But I opened my heart to you

Your words said one thing
But your actions said another
The pretending
That was what hurt the most

I don’t care for myself
But I just want you to know
That when you did what you did
You hurt me where so many others have done

But what broke
Is that you made me feel unworthy
Unworthy of real friendship
Unworthy of truth
Unworthy of respect
Unworthy of being treated human

I’m no one to stand in your way
I’m no one to be in anyone’s way
But I thought I was worthy
Well, that’s when I decided neither were you

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