Finding My Bedroom Aesthetic

More than ever, my bedroom has proven to be my favourite place during my home quarantine. I’ve always held strong notions of making your room both comfortable and functional. As an introvert, I’m always forever grateful to have my own personal space where I can recharge. My bedroom is a place I truly treasure, not only because it’s my sanctuary but it’s a sanctuary I invested a lot in. I put a lot of time, energy and of course, some money to make it mine. Just like any hand me down, I entered my room after my two siblings moved out. It already had some shelves and furniture. Albeit not my preference, I just made it work with what I had. 

I know we all can’t afford an extreme makeover with Bobby Berk or Jeremiah Brent. But I thought I would share my simple room decor tips as an enthusiast. It’s just little nuggets of advice I have accumulated over the years and thought it would be awesome to share (with whoever is reading this novice entry). 

Colors are not just exclusive to your walls. A color palette will ensure that the design of your overall room is more cohesive.  The color palette can also apply to your bedsheets and pillowcases. You could easily go on sites like Pinterest to help you decide your color palette. A color palette would also give you guidance on what decor items you might want to get. It will give you buying some much-needed direction. 

Since my walls and furniture are white to give the illusion of space, I decide to decorate with colored items. My overall room color palette is white, black, gold, and green. I thought the touch of gold and green would make it less boring without being too crazy. 

Your thread count matters!

A bed may just be where you lay at night. But a truly good mattress is where you get the rest you need. And bedsheets are the cloud that will transport you to dreamland. Growing up, my mother always demonstrated the great importance of investing in good bedsheets. Trust me, if it looks pretty but has a sucky thread count, you’ll be itching away into the night. 

Invest in two good bedsheets, pillowcases and quilt cover. Having two sets would mean you have a spare when one is in the laundry. Please wash your sheets monthly and be sure to only wear clean clothes on them. You’re not a monster. On top of my quilt, I always use a thin bed cover which is essentially a thin blanket. This is to ensure where I sleep is clean from any monsters who sit on my bed with their outside clothes. Oh, the horror!

Lamps are mood

Something I added into my room in the past year was my lamps. The lamps started as a way to have less bright lighting to lull me to sleep. But now, I barely switch on my main ceiling light when it gets dark outside. I prefer the use of bedside lamps because it adds a touch of coziness and warmth especially when I need to relax. You should also consider other forms of light present in your room. As for me, I have floor to ceiling windows, so I made sure to have curtains to block out any light at night. 

Unlike style gurus, I’m not a huge fan of the matchy lamps or side tables on both sides of the bed. (Well, mine is due to using what I can find so ignore me.) But I like the use of non-identical lamps and side table decor because it gives the room more character. My lamps are fixer-uppers so they weren’t expensive. I spraypainted an old lamp gold to let it blend with the colors of my room. 

A cozy rug for some cozy time

My rug was an unexpected addition to my room. I was just toying with the idea of one so that it would be more comfortable when I pray. But it has become a mainstay in my room. Though I would kill for a reading nook, my cozy rug is the next best thing. It’s a place for me to hang out without “dirtying” my bed. Add some cushions, it instantly becomes my version of a reading space. Moreover, as a person who has anxiety, sitting on the floor helps me ground any uncomfortable feelings and makes me feel more centered. 

Styling my workspace

My workspace involves a simple desk and a lot of shelf space. I do admit I jumped the gun on purchasing this desk. (Hoping to get a nicer and better one in the future.) But I do like decorating my workspace since I’m “working” from home. Two prominent features of my workspace are frames and my books. It’s probably the only colorful thing there. Believe it or not, I truly struggle with my shelves. I’m always moving things around. 


Since my books are the main feature, I had to decide on arranging them by color before inserting items in the betweens. Putting a cute vase of flowers or a candle in between makes it look less bulky. I also featured gold frames to brighten up the upper shelves and darker ones near my desk to not distract myself. As a somewhat creative, I added a mood board to help myself design-wise with work and also as a resting place for my eyes after staring at screens for too long. Plus, I believe your workspace should represent your personality since it’s one of the first things people would see when they enter my room. 

Plants give me life

As a self-proclaimed plant parent, I had to add green to my color palette. I’ve added a few plants to add touches of green in my room. Not everyone is a fan of plants because of the level of care but I truly love every single one in here. My snaking money plants give me the jungle vibes that I long for. They add a level of brightness to my otherwise sad room. They also create a calming and nurturing environment in my sanctuary. 

You could always use plastic plants if you’re afraid of the upkeep. But there’s just something about real plants that add a splash of freshness and breathability to a room. Maybe that’s just me. 

Organization is key

This should really be the first point because the organization is extremely important to make sure a bedroom is both comfortable and functional. Your stuff also lives with you. Clothes, bags, and books are my bigger problem areas because it’s the bulk of my stuff. I’m lucky enough to have ample closet space. But I do purge and clean my closet regularly to make sure it’s not cluttered. Everything must be in its specific place and have a proper home so that you can easily find it. (I have no specific organizing tips right now.)

My old room was a third of the size of my current room. Also, I didn’t have money to buy any nice room decor. For 10 years, I used two small boxes as a side table. So, it’s really about using what you have and slowly saving up for what you need. When I say that you don’t need an immediate extreme makeover, I meant that you should buy everything in your room in phases. From what I learned, you’ll live with more regret and unused pieces than you actually need.

You don’t need an extreme makeover or to constantly buy new pieces to decorate. As with my own life, my room is a constant work in progress. Be kind to yourself because the world is crazy right now. 


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