Universal Studios Singapore

Sofy’s Birthday Visit to Universal Studios Singapore

Last month, we went to Universal Studios Singapore as a family. My sister invited us because she was celebrating Sofy’s 4th birthday. (Oh my, where did all the time go??) Luckily, this coincided with the phase 2 opening of tourist attractions in Singapore. Since we couldn’t leave the country, we thought it would be fun to bring the kids to Universal Studios to have the feeling of being on holiday. 

Visiting USS during the pandemic be like

Due to COVID-19, there are new rules and regulations when visiting the theme park. The tickets are slightly cheaper. New ticket prices are S$59 (adults), S$43 (Seniors), and free for kids under the age of 4 for Singapore citizens. You’ll have to show your pink identification card at the entrance along with your e-tickets. You’ll also be required to do the usual Safe Entry Check-In before heading to the gantry. 

Universal Studios Singapore

Limited experience with new opening hours

Cheaper tickets also meant that they have shorter opening hours, from 12 pm to 9 pm. Universal Studios Singapore only opens at 12 pm and the rides would commence at 2 pm. My family and I went at 1 pm for lunch before bringing the kids to different rides. All shows and street entertainment are not available so USS visitors can only go on the rides. 

Universal Studios Singapore
Look at those happy faces about to devour those Shrek waffles

I had lunch at Mel’s Drive-In which is one of two halal restaurants in USS. Only three restaurants that are open which are Mel’s Drive-In, Goldilocks, and Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor. My family and I had to dine at two separate tables each time because we were a group of more than 5. Since there are a limited number of visitors each day, the restaurants are not too crowded with plenty of social distancing. 

PS: to all Muslims, the musollah at USS is closed due to COVID-19. I brought my own prayer mat and telekung. There are plenty of quiet corners for you to pray at. I chose a sheltered area near the restrooms of the Egypt section.

Universal Studios Singapore
Hanna and me in a flying dinosaur

Strangely, this was my first USS visit that I didn’t ride all the rides. I didn’t even go near my favorite rides like the Battlestar Galactica and the Mummy ride since I was there for the kids. But each kid ride had an at least 30 minute waiting time. The queue might seem long but it’s really because everyone has to stand apart from each other. There are social distancing ambassadors around the park to remind you to keep your distance. You can find hand sanitizers at every counter or entrance of a ride so be sure to keep your hands clean. 

Waiting times might seem long because they do a thorough wipe down before each turn. After each person has left the ride “carriage”, a person will spray disinfectant and wipe down the entire seat before the next group of people comes in. So you can imagine that the process will equate to longer waiting times. Just be patient and kind because everyone is doing their best. 

Universal Studios Singapore

Overall, it was a fun time as a family. Though the weather was dreadfully hot, I was thankful that there were no full meltdowns from me or the kids. Maybe because they had tons of waffles and ice cream. I was just happy to have a day out and not just at my nearby supermarket. It did my mental health a lot of wonders since I’m just stuck on this very clean and efficient island.

But I still miss London. (help)


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