Afternoon High Tea to Celebrate Phase 2

This idea of a High Tea was hatched after what-felt-like-forever Circuit Breaker quarantine. Honestly, the start of phase 2 coincided with my sibling’s birthday so we jumped at the chance to treat ourselves to a lovely High Tea. Any occasion for me to cook, bake, decorate, and dress up is very much welcomed in my limbo of a year. 

It felt too crazy and overwhelming to do so much but truly enjoyed the planning and cooking process. We did a sort of pot luck style where each sibling had to contribute something to the party. Also, we didn’t let the children join us because they are who we need a break from (haha). They were much happier playing with each other and watching tv anyway.

The cheese plate gives me life.. Maybe because I was starving for half a day for this.

With any High Tea, you gotta have a mix of both sweet and savory dishes. It might seem easy to plan and cook because everything is the size of an appetizer. But the fact that I couldn’t cook one pot of pasta and be done with it was tiring. Each dessert or appetizer had many components so it took some planning on my part to get my dishes together. 

Our cheese plate featured 3 kinds of cheese: Parmesan, Brie and some kind of apricot fruit cream cheese. All were delicious! It was paired with some grapes, blueberries, and of course, crackers.

The winner of the high tea was definitely this Earl Grey Bundt Cake from All Things Delicious.
 After that day, I ate little thin slices of cake because I was savoring every bite.

I was very proud of my variety since I included a family favorite — Baked Shrimp Mayo Toast! I think I have made this appetizer snack for 3 family parties and some others. It’s easy, fuss-free, and absolutely uncomplicated. Other classics were my Pear Brie Tart and Mini Blueberry Galette

(Check out the recipes 👆🏽)

All of these went well with the other baked goods we ordered from All Things Delicious and some decadent brownies my sister ordered from a friend. I swear the Lemon Blueberry Scones and Earl Grey Bundt Cake were perfect additions to the menu. I have to say that they look very unambitious but so full of flavor! 

That’s the four women who deserved this High Tea because we’ve been stuck at home with fathers, husbands, and toddlers.

Oh, we also had some simple black tea since everything else was so full of sweet and savory flavors. I also made a concoction of Rose and Lychee which is my sister’s favorite flavor of tea at TWG. 

I was very tired but very happy at the end of the afternoon. Maybe because I was so loaded up on sugar and laughter. It felt very good to have human interaction. (Omg who am I?) It just felt good to laugh and be merry with people even though we are on Facetime any other day during the quarantine. 


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