Love Your Skin: Cosrx, Innisfree and Skin Food

One of the things I touched about in my 2017 reflection was taking care of my skin and makeup. It took me a while to really discover this world of skincare. My concerns were, of course, not knowing what is good for me and financial sustainability. Products can cost a bomb but do little to help improve my skin so I was naturally hesitant to take it more seriously. But I thought I am in my 20s if not now, then when? Later will be too late.

Korean Beauty

Plus, I randomly started watching an American Korean Youtuber, Joan Kim (beauty, vlogging). I do admire her honest reviews and recommendations of Korean beauty products. Unlike most beauty vloggers is that she goes into detail about ingredients and what is good for what kind of skin or what your skin needs for the various types of skin. This just goes to show she knows her stuff and makes her more credible when giving out recommendations or sharing her personal skincare routine. What I like about Korean beauty is that not only is it cheap or affordable but also because they are conscious of the ingredients being used since it is a highly competitive field especially in Korea. Of course, the more expensive the product is, the better it is for your skin in general. However, Korean beauty products have proven that the “cheap” stuff is just as good or sometimes even better. This helps amateurs like yours truly to start and discover what is good for me while being within my price range.

When life was simpler but problematic

Initially, my life was fairly simple. It went cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Sunblock step is added when it is during the daytime. It was easy to follow and keep up. My skin was/is fairly good, just dry. I don’t have any super bad acne everywhere. Just the typical stress or hormone acne. But I really hated my acne scars. Of course, I have scars because my hands are itchy to touch every pimple on my face and show it who’s boss.

What I do now

After my 2 trips to Korea, I had only known Innisfree, Nature Republic, Etude House and the Face Shop. Boy, that was just dipping my feet into the kiddy pool. And the moment I jumped in, I realized there were so many other brands that are better but just not as well-known due to the lack of a famous kpop idol plastered all over it.

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  1. Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel cleanser (S$15)

    I love this cleanser because it really cleanses my face but does not remove natural facial oil. My skin doesn’t feel tight after using it. It feels light but does do a great job of getting rid of the yucks. I love using this in the morning to start my morning fresh and sometimes use it at night if I mostly stayed home for the day (because I’m a bum or just introverted). 

  2. Cosrx Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser (S$13)

    I use this cleanser at night especially after a full day outside with makeup in sunny Singapore. According to Joan, Salicylic acid has those exfoliating functions so it really good giving your face a good cleanse after a day of pores being blocked. It gives a nice brightening glow after use. 

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  3. Skin Food Black Sugar Mask (S$9)

    I use this right after cleansing my face as per instructions. Ensure to leave your face damp before use. This acts as an a exfoliant and after leaving on for 10-15 minutes, you can see your complexion brighten and leaves a smoother skin. It really helps with acne scars too! Previously, I used the Skin Food Rice Wash Mask off ($8) but like everyone else, the Black Sugar mask is just so much better and more effective. 

  4. Cosrx One Step Original Clear Pads (S$19)

    This is just my favorite! The pads have two sides. One side which is slightly rougher is good for a very mild exfoliant or to pick up any makeup not properly cleaned off. End of with the smoother side which leaves a nice tea tree smelling toner on your face. The best part of this product is bringing it on the airplane because you don’t have to worry about the liquid restrictions. I truly love this product because it truly reduces acne for me. 

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  5. Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner (S$17)

    According to Joan’s recent video, AHA clears the dead skin on the surface and BHA goes into the pores and help within the skin. It’s a good toner from most that I have tried. I don’t really see many immediate effects but I do see improvements in my skin as it clears blacks heads and whiteheads. 

  6. Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence (S$20)

    I am so skeptical of snail (?!) in products. Seriously snail?! But oh my gee, it seriously is ah-ma-zing! It helps with clearing acne scars and man, my face feels as smooth as my nieces’ baby skin. According to Joan, to know if you got a product that has legit money’s worth snail in it is to get a real slimy texture to it. I mean Nickelodeon’s green slime slimy. I usually put this on after the toner. It seems pricey but I am still on my first bottle despite using it daily for the past 6 months. 

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7. Innisfree Orchid Eye Cream (S$27)

This is probably the first Innisfree product I own besides the face masks but those don’t count. This is also my first eye cream and boy it was expensive. But totally worth it! I am not sure how it fares compared to others but Joan did the research for us all. This is her highly recommended one. I was like sold! This cream really helps with eye wrinkles. Though it doesn’t help with eye bags, the dark circles around my eyes got so much better after using this. Worth my $27! Plus, it lasts me really long. I am still on the first one I bought and it’s been 6 months or so. I have only used half. Yes, I use it daily twice a day. It’s truly an investment!

8. Cosrx Centella Blemish Cream (S$23)

THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE CREAM ON EARTH! I am not even exaggerating because I don’t go anywhere without it. It is truly a MVP of all creams. It does wonders to my acne scars. I mean you put it on and BAM (after a week or so), say goodbye to those scars. I am currently using my 4th bottle within the last 7 months. I see too much improvement with all the acne scars. It’s soft creamy texture leaves my skin smooth like butter. I can’t say enough about this magical product. Good job Cosrx!

9. Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patches (S$5)

I honestly don’t know why this doesn’t come in a larger packet because 24 isn’t enough for me. This is a great pimple patch because you put it on overnight and you can see like those new pimples just calming the hell down. Seriously, it reduces redness of pimples and at the same time, prevents me from touching my pimple. 

Take care of your skin and yourself because it is always good to look your best. It is not so much for vanity. But more for your personal hygiene and to make yourself look your best. I am now a believer in such because nobody is gonna love me more than me. I am a true believer in taking care of yourself.


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