Taste Like Travel

So today, I was looking around my fridge for something to wash down my dinner. Nothing like a little sweetness to end my dinner. All I could find were Fox sweets. You know the ones with the clear plastic wrapping. It comes in light yellow, orange, pink, red and of course, my favourite purple.

The moment I hear the crinkle of the wrapper. i feel the sticky-ness of the sweet as I popped it into my mouth. I was instantly became a child in the airplane.

You see, when I was younger, I would be so afraid of take offs and landings because of the effect the change of pressure had on my ears. My mum had always urged me to suck on a sweet because it would prevent pressure from hurting my ears. You know how when you eat the sweet too early and you’ll end up just eating more and more till you have like 3 sweet wrappers and no sweets to comfort your ears. That was me.

So, I would always make a point to grab some sweets from the immigration counter or to ask the stewardess. (This was at least 10 or more years ago when you actually had to go to the counter.) And the sweets that I would grab or get are these Fox sweets. That taste of blueberry or strawberry would always be mixed with my anticipation and excitement as I’m about to embark on a journey.

Now, when I pop one of those Fox sweets in my mouth, it brings me back to all those memories of my family vacations. All that excitement from being able to go on holiday that one time in the year. Exploring a new country (or Australia 6 times) and exploring everything foreign. So to me, that Fox sweet tastes like travel. Every single time I eat it, all those feelings just come rushing back in.

All that from a sweet. It is a hell of a sweet (to me).


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