“I’m always here”

Dear Sofy,

Yesterday, adik Layla was born. And you probably a thrown in a whirlwind because suddenly you had to spend all this time with me and your grandparents. Your mum and dad were suddenly too busy for you. They’ve been at the hospital the past 2 nights. So you had to sleep in an unfamiliar bed. With your aunt. Me.

Sofy, I know it must be so tough to suddenly not have your mama and bapak here. To not have them put you to bed. Or have cuddles with you. I know it’s hard. Because nothing can replace the love of your parents. I know you don’t understand. But I hope you will understand some day that they don’t stop loving you. They never could.

Sofy, I love you so much. I know it’s tough. I know I’m not even close to being a surrogate to them. But Sofy, I hope I can be here for you. Just till your parents get settled. It may not seem like nobody cares. But the truth is everyone cares. Nenek and atok cares. Mama Lin and Baba cares. Hanna cares. I care. Because we love you so much. How can we not love and care for our favorite Sofy.

Sofy, as you slept next to me with your loud snoring (haha), I promise to be a little bit more patient. I promise to hug you more. I promise to kiss you more. I promise to tell you how much I love you. Because you deserve it all. For the amazing person you are.

I’m always here for you.


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