I Live In My Head

I live in my head
I live with my thoughts
I live with my memories

Sometimes they may me reminisce
But mostly they make me relive every moment
They’re swirling in my mind
They overcome me like waves on a sandbank
Relentless and constant

Sometimes they make me relive moments I wish I could forget
Moments that make my skin crawl
And my body cringe with dread
Moments I just want to let go

Sometimes they get so loud that I can barely breathe
I forget where I am
I forget who I am
I forget how I am

I remember everything
I remember where you were
I remember what you said
I remember how it made me feel
But I can’t seem to figure out why

Sometimes there are so many
That it makes me want to scream
Let it go!

I live in my head
With all my thoughts and memories
It’s like a war going in my head

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